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Dr. Zadeh, Gummy Smile Specialist In Los Angeles

Dr. Zadeh, Gummy Smile DentistIf you have a gummy smile, you have probably considered having your condition treated. However, you may have hesitated to undergo the procedure because you have heard that the surgery does not provide lasting results. Some dentists perform the same gummy smile treatment on every patient without regard to the patient’s unique needs or the cause of their gummy smile, creating impermanent and often unsatisfactory results. Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS offers a different approach that he has been perfecting for over twenty-five years. He matches the surgical procedure to the unique cause of the patient’s gummy smile, so you will have lasting results that have a significant impact on your smile’s appearance.

Experience That Counts

Dr. Zadeh is a superior gummy smile dentist not only because of his experience, but also because of his commitment to improving his skills and technique. He has completed over 1,100 hours of continuing education over the course of his career. As a result of his dedication, the Academy of General Dentistry awarded him Master status in 2012, a rare honor only bestowed upon the handful of dentists who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuing to learn.


As a young dentist, he recognized the issues inherent with treating gummy smiles on a cosmetic basis. Eschewing the cookie cutter approach of other dentists and oral surgeons, Dr. Zadeh set up a series of procedures to help correct every kind of gummy smile, regardless of how severe the case. From his luxurious office in Beverly Hills, he is able to perform all of the procedures himself, without the need of outside referrals or "team" treatment. That way, he can have the strictest levels of quality control over his work and make sure that you achieve results that exceed your expectations.


Patients come from all over California, the United States, and the world to have him work on their gummy smiles. Dr. Zadeh has over twenty five years of experience with his patent-pending GumLift® procedure, and during this time he has cured the gummy smiles of thousands of satisfied patients. His level of experience is unmatched. By being a pioneer in his field, he has first hand experience in case severity of all kinds and no case is too big or small for Dr. Zadeh. In fact, he prefers bigger cases for the challenge they bring and the rewards of improving a patient's life and self esteem are immeasurable. Many of his patients have reported vast improvements in their social, romantic, professional, and general quality of life. Having a gummy smile should not be something that prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest. The simple fact is, if you are bothered by it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by discussing your gummy smile with Dr. Zadeh. 

If you are looking for a gummy smile dentist who truly cares about his patients and the outcome of their gummy smile surgery, Dr. Parsa Zadeh is the dentist you have been looking for. He creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient to ensure that the procedures he selects are right for their needs and will provide the lasting results they deserve. He is so certain that the gum lift procedure can help patient with gummy smiles that he offers a free initial consultation to those who are considering the surgery. Call 310-273-8414 or email our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule your consultation.