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The Cost of Gummy Smile Surgery

There is no one set price for the cost of gummy smile surgery as different surgical techniques needed to be done for each individual case. There are a large number of factors that go into determining the cost of gummy smile surgery. The cost should never be a factor in deciding to get a gummy smile correction. That decision is up to you, and in some cases, part of the treatment may be covered by your insurance if it is deemed medically necessary. For some, getting gummy smile surgery is not only a way to improve their appearance, but their health as well, as there is less gingival tissue for bacteria and plaque to get caught in, requiring fewer deep cleanings and resulting in fewer procedures such as root canals and implants in the long run.


For simple gummy smile corrections, the price can be as low as $2,200 (as seen in Beatrice's case below). However, for more complicated cases involving multiple visits and multiple surgical techniques, the price can be as high as $30,000 (like in Courtney's case shown below), and in extreme cases upwards of $40,000. Normally, most cases are reasonably affordable and can fall between the $4,000-$6,000 range. Many people may be put off by the cost, but remember, with good hygiene and regular preventative dental visits, your new smile can last the rest of your life! 


price of complex gummy smile surgery with before and after photo
The Gumlift procedure involved the restoration of all her top teeth with porcelain veneers making the cost $30,000  


There is very little correlation between the 'gumminess' in your smile and the price of the gummy smile correction. Additional costs often come from the need for crowns, veneers, alignment, or other surgeries and potential complications that arise and may have existed prior to the patient's desire for a gum lift. Every individual's case and needs are different as well and will be discussed thoroughly with you by Dr. Zadeh and his knowledgable staff. Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss your mouth and give you an idea of what your surgery will cost. As was stated before, there is very little correlation between gumminess and the cost of surgery. Many patients elect to have additional work done to further improve their smiles, especially if they have missing, worn, or discolored teeth. 


What are the Benefits of Getting Surgery?

For many of Dr. Zadeh's patients, they find a new outlook on life and are proud to show their new smile to the world. This in turn makes them seem friendlier, more approachable, and possibly gives them improved prospects for social and career advancement. In addition, this new outlook may translate to better health as the increased self-esteem of the patient translates to initiative to make further improvements in their lives and may opt to start working out, make other positive changes in their lives, and in general live more fully because of their new found confidence. 


gummy Smile Surgery before and after photo
Kimmy: This was a slightly more complicated Single Gumlift procedure with IV sedation; price: $6,800  


The Emotional Cost of a Gummy Smile


People who suffer from excessive gumminess often hide their smiles, as they may feel shy or ashamed of their teeth and gums. Our society bombards us with images of people who have perfect, balanced smiles which heaps on this self-consciousness. It becomes a self-fulfilling cycle of embarassment and social withdrawal for many sufferers of gummy smiles. This is why it is so important to factor in the social and personal costs of NOT having gummy smile surgery. This surgery has changed the lives of many of Dr. Zadeh's patients for the better, as it has given them renewed confidence.


One patient burst into tears and told Dr. Zadeh that after her procedure during a post-op visit, that she had gained a new arm. This was very puzzling to the Doctor, as he does not do work on hands and limbs. As it turns out, the patient was so used to using her hand to cover her mouth because of the shame she held for her smile, it was unavailable to use for other things. After the surgery, she was able to use both hands and start living her life more fully. The potential health and appearance benefits of having a gummy smile correction are just the tip of the iceberg, as this procedure can be potentially life-changing.


Financing options

Financing your gummy smile surgery is easy, and a lot cheaper than it would be to buy a new car.

We can provide you with 0% interest financing and we will do all the paper work for you.

Give us a call at (310) 273-8414 and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for an instant response to your financing questions or to setup a free consultation. Also, did we mention that we offer free valet parking?


cost of gummy smile surgery, before and after photos

Beatrice: Single Gumlift with IV sedation; cost: $2,200