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What is Involved in Gummy Smile Correction Surgery?


If you have been suffering with a gummy smile for years, you may desperately want to change your appearance. However, correcting a complex case of a gummy smile may require multiple treatments, and that is off-putting to some patients who are squeamish about the idea of going to the dentist. However, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh makes every effort to make the gummy smile surgery as pleasant as possible in the luxurious accommodations at his office in Beverly Hills.


The procedures involved in the GumLift® depends on the extent of your case. To determine which treatments and procedures need to be done for your smile, Dr. Zadeh will first schedule an initial consultation in which he will examine your teeth and gums. From there, he formulate a preliminary treatment plan designed with you specifically in mind. As each case is unique, he does not take a cookie-cutter approach. He will also do his best to accomodate your desires and what he can do that will most benefit your smile and health. He will discuss this treatment plan with you and answer any questions that you might have. 


I'm Ready To Go - What's Next? 

After your consultation, Dr. Zadeh will schedule a series of appointments with you to carry out your gummy smile correction surgery. In all but the most simple cases, the Gumlift procedure does not consist of a single 'procedure'. Some patients with less serious gummy smiles or who only need a gumlift or gum reduction can be done in a single visit. Some patients find they do not need additional work after the first procedure as they are delighted with the appearance of their new smile. However, many patients will require a more extensive series of treatments, especially if they have a more extreme gummy smile. Due to the sensitive nature of the mouth, the previous procedure must heal before Dr. Zadeh performs the next treatment.


If you have a more involved procedure series, you may have a lip repositioning, jawbone trimming or jaw refinement, and crown lengthening or teeth reproportioning. Some patients can do this in a single visit, but if your case is very complicated and requires lead time between procedures, you may be scheduled for two or three visits. When a lip repositioning is performed, Dr. Zadeh will adjust the attachment tendon of your lip, and work with the corners of your mouth. This is usually fairly non invasive, as he will simply trim those areas to reduce hyperactivity of the upper lift, helping to give you a more balanced looking smile.


Jawbone refinement usually involves the doctor trimming the bone to make the gums less pronounced as the gum tissue heals. In many cases, without jawbone refinement, if it is deemed necessary, the excessive gingiva may grow back and return the appearance of a gummy smile. This procedure is done to help rebalance the position of the gums and lead to a more even looking smile. If your teeth need reproportioning or lengthening, your teeth will be filed, altered, and if required, removed and then replaced, to help improve their appearance and make your smile more even. Some patients opt not to do this, choosing to have a cosmetic procedure like veneers if they are not comfortable with having their teeth altered in that way. Once these procedures are done, you are usually given a lead time to recover.


Advice for Recovery 

During this time, it is important to avoid spicy foods, smoking, and over-extering yourself as your body needs time to heal. During your recovery, this is a great time to relax, catch up on that Netflix, Hulu, or television series you might have missed, read a book, play video games, and just generally relax. After a few days, you can start to reintegrate light exercise and other moderate activities into your routine, but it is generally advisable to stay away from any heavy exertion or other intense activity for at least a week, and preferably two, after your surgery. If you have a family member or friend who can also help you out, that will help make sure you recover quickly.


gummy smile correction


Despite the fact that the gummy smile correction surgery may require more than one office visit, Dr. Zadeh and his helpful staff will make sure that you are comfortable during your Gumlift treatment. For procedures in which you may remain awake, you can choose from one of the hundreds of DVD titles that Zadeh Dentistry owns and watch while Dr. Zadeh, gummy smile specialist, and his staff work on transforming your smile. Leg massagers and warm blankets are available to make you comfortable as well. Each room has purified air, allowing you to breathe easy as you relax and wait for the procedure to be finished. Because of these many amenities, patients have been known to say that a trip to Zadeh Dentistry for a gummy smile treatment is more like a visit to a spa than a trip to the dentist!


If you are interested in discussing the possibility of Dr. Zadeh performing your gummy smile procedure, call him at 310-273-8414 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it him. Dr. Zadeh offers a complimentary consultation for the gummy smile surgery. If you do not live in the Beverly Hills area, e-mail a clear photograph of your gummy smile to Dr. Zadeh. He will return your e-mail with a tentative treatment plan, based on what he sees in the photograph. Let Dr. Zadeh show you the radiant smile you have hiding beneath the gums.