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What is Involved in Gummy Smile Treatment?

What is Involved in Gummy Smile Treatment?A gummy smile is a smile in which the gum tissue appears prominently, making the teeth seem small and out of proportion. Many patients with gummy smiles desperately wish they could fix their appearance and achieve a well-balanced smile. Each year, thousands of patients with gummy smiles seek help for their problem, but millions more hesitate because they are not sure what is involved in a gummy smile treatment. These patients are often pleasantly surprised to find that the remedy for their gummy smile is relatively simple and surprisingly comfortable when the procedure is conducted by Dr. Parsa Zadeh, gummy smile dentist.

The exact procedures involved in your gummy smile treatment depend on the cause or causes of your gummy smile. For many patients, the treatment is straightforward and they only require one procedure, such as an indirect or direct lip reproportioning. Other patients have more complicated cases of gummy smile and they may require multiple treatments to provide the lasting results they need. After each stage, the mouth must be allowed to heal, so the next series of treatments can begin. During the time between treatments, it is important to relax, avoid exerting yourself, eating spicy foods, and most of all avoid smoking! In fact, some of our patients have found this period to be a great time to kick the habit. 

Dr. Zadeh utilizes an arsenal of surgical and cosmetic dental treatments to fix gummy smiles. Some examples of procedures that may be involved in a patient’s gummy smile treatment include reproportioning the teeth to make them appear more prominent, a gingivectomy to trim away excess gum tissue, a procedure designed to trim the jaw bone and shorten the gum line, or repositioning the lip to prevent it from drawing back too far when you smile. Unlike other series of treatments, Dr. Zadeh offers permanent results every time. While lip repositioning and other gum surgeries can lead to a relapse, his surgical techniques are a step above and offer superior results. You do not have to worry about starting the entire procedure over again in a few years when you see Dr. Zadeh. Gummy smile treatment should only need to be done once, and Dr. Zadeh gets it right, the first time, every time. 

There is no way to know which procedures Dr. Zadeh will need to perform as part of your gummy smile treatment until you come to Zadeh Dentistry for your free initial consultation. Dr. Zadeh will examine your teeth and develop an individualized treatment plan made specifically for you to address the unique causes of your gummy smile. He will discuss the treatment plan with you and answer any questions that you may have. With over 25 years experience in the field of gummy smile surgery (Patent Pending GumLift) and cosmetic dentistry, as well as being a pioneer in his field, he offers experience that very other few dentists in the world can match. 

Dr. Zadeh has performed gummy smile surgery on hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied patients. If you would like to consult with Dr. Zadeh about the Gum lift procedure, call Zadeh Dentistry at 310-273-8414  or send him an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule your free consultation. Let Dr. Zadeh transform your smile from gummy to spectacular.