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What is the Cost of Gum Lift?

What is the Cost of Gum Lift?From television to Main Street, it seems that everyone these days has a perfect smile. Even white teeth and the perfect balance between the teeth and the gums are the norm rather than the exception. This fact is painfully obvious to those with gummy smiles, or smiles that show a greater proportion of the gum tissue than usual. Many people with gummy smiles would love to have a gum lift treatment to reduce the prominence of their gums, but many fear that the gum lift cost is more than they can afford on their budgets. Fortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Zadeh Dentistry works with patients to help them get the radiant smile they have always dreamed of.

Get Your Very Best Smile

The social and emotional cost of a gummy smile is even more painful than the gum lift cost. When you have a gummy smile, you hesitate to show your smile to the world and you may feel awkward or even embarrassed in social situations. People who do not smile are often seen as taciturn, and others are often quick to notice when someone feels uncomfortable. As a result, if you have a gummy smile, you may not be living life to its fullest. People prefer being around happy, confident people in social, romantic, and work situations, and if you do not have those qualities, you may miss out. They may be judging you as awkward or even cold. Further, people make judgments about your appearance, and people with perfect, healthy smiles are seen as more attractive, desirable, and even intelligent because of the associations with health and beauty.

Of course, most patients are still anxious to know about the gum lift cost, even if they know they should have the procedure performed. The cost of the procedure depends on the number and types of treatments that the gummy smile surgeon must perform. To find out what work will need to be performed and to get a cost estimate, you must have a consultation with Dr. Zadeh.

Many of our patients found gum lift surgeries to be surprisingly affordable, especially with financing. With a basic gum trim, the surgery can run only a few thousand dollars. Costs go up as the patient desires further cosmetic or reconstructive dental work, such as bleaching, veneers, crowns, or even a full mouth reconstruction, especially if they have existing issues such as broken, cracked, or damaged teeth. The good news, is that the most basic gum lifts take only a day and you can be back to your normal life with a beautiful new smile after a few days of rest. The cost of a gum lift is amazingly economical, especially since many find they do not need any additional work after the procedure.

Dr. Zadeh offers a free initial consultation for those who are considering gummy smile surgery. In addition, financing is available to break the gum lift cost into smaller, more manageable, payments that you can afford on your budget. You have nothing to lose by consulting with Dr. Zadeh, and there is no obligation. Call 310-273-8414 today to schedule your consultation.